Sims 4 Player Creates Ghibli-Inspired Home And It Looks Incredible

A Sims fan shared their incredible Studio Ghibli inspired build on Twitter, and it was even approved by the official Sims Twitter account.

Studio Ghibli really does produce some of the most magical films out there. Sure, some of the films are a bit heavier than others. But films like Kiki’s Delivery Service have just the perfect vibes. So it’s no surprise that The Sims and Studio Ghibli are something of a match made in heaven.

Twitter user that1greenleaf recently shared their tiny home build online, and the cosy vibes are skyrocketing with this one. This particular build very clearly uses the expansion Cottage Living to get this Studio Ghibli vibes. And the expansion is used particular well, as we could definitely see this in a Ghibli film.

officially approved

That1greenleaf even showed off the inside of the house. Making us even sadder that this isn’t somewhere we can live or even just visit. There’s a strong use of darkwood in the interior that just provides a strong sense of warmth. It really presents that idyllic life we all really want to lead.

The best part for that1greenleaf is the fact that the official Sims Twitter account responded to their initial tweet showcasing the build. “These vibes are,” wrote The Sims Twitter account before following up with some starry eyed and heart eyed emojis. That’s quite the letter of recommendation for that1greenleaf.

Credit: that1greenleaf

Developer Maxis has been making a lot of changes in The Sims recently. Thankfully, after years of criticisms, fan favourite character Bella Goth was finally un-whitewashed. And an update was also added that allowed fully customisable pronouns.

They’re incredibly important updates. And evidence that the Sims Gurus are listening to the fans when it comes to necessary changes regarding the game.

YouTube video

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Featured Image Credit: that1greenleaf/ Studio Ghibli