Skyrim Together co-op becomes one of Nexus Mod’s most popular downloads

The Skyrim Together co-op mod has become one of Nexus Mod’s most popular downloads within a matter of days.

Last week, the highly anticipated Skyrim Together mod was finally released. This mod allows 2 to 8 players to explore the lands of Skyrim together (no pun intended), slay dragons, partake in quests and more.

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It was safe to assume that this would have been a very popular mod, but I think it’s fair to say that expectations may have been surpassed. Amazingly within its first day, Skyrim Together had generated over 50,000 downloads.

Furthermore, at the time of writing, Skyrim Together has been downloaded over 104,000 times. In terms of page views, over 304,000 intrigued gaming enthusiasts have visited the mod page. I think it’s only a matter of time until Skyrim Together becomes the most popular mod on Nexus.

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Credit: Bethesda/Skyrim Together

When Skyrim Together was released last week, it was expected to launch as a beta. However, the modders announced that it will release in its full form. Albeit, with some expected bugs to be ironed out.

Making a single player game into a multiplayer game without source code is near impossible, especially with a development team that consists of a handful of students doing this for free in their free time,” said the team.

They continued: “please keep that in mind when playing Reborn. The mod won’t be perfect. It will occasionally crash, some quests will break, there will be bugs. This is not fixable.

Credit: Bethesda/Skyrim Together

The Skyrim Together co-op mod is available to download now for PC via Nexus Mods.

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Featured Image Credit: Bethesda/Skyrim Together/Source: Game Rant via Nexus Mods