The Best Switch Co-Op Games To Play Right Now

What are the best Switch co-op games you should play? Plant flowers, cook meals or honk with relentless abandon; co-op gaming today offers more depth than the era of simple multiplayer shooters (though we still love those), with a range of experiences suitable for sessions with family or friends. And thanks to its portability, the Nintendo Switch has cemented itself as one of the best consoles to play together on.

Take a look at our top picks for the best Switch co-op games, whether you prefer arcade mayhem in The House of the Dead or a tranquil farming experience in Stardew Valley. Just don’t dig up the turnips, or there’ll be no holding your fire!

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Best Switch Co-Op Games

luigi's mansion 3 best switch co-op games

1. Luigi’s Mansion 3 – best switch co-op games

Play together cooperatively or competitively in Luigi’s Mansion 3, solving the haunted mysteries of The Last Resort while collecting ghosts – and your missing friends – along the way. While there are separate multiplayer minigames to enjoy, the game offers the option of working through the whacky main storyline together, with Player 2 taking control of Gooigi, Luigi’s ectoplasmic counterpart. A solid choice for family gaming, as Gooigi’s simple mechanics are definitely aimed at younger or inexperienced gamers. And unlike Mario Party, there’s no chance of a falling-out.

streets of rage 4 best switch co-op games

2. Streets of Rage 4 – best switch co-op games

A side-scrolling beat ‘em up with a powerful pedigree, Streets of Rage 4 is the latest addition to this classic Sega franchise. Gameplay will feel familiar to those who’ve played before: up to four players locally (or two online) join together to take down hordes of mohawk-wielding thugs, with the frantic action punctuated by power-ups and special attacks. More than just a homage to the glory days of couch co-op, Streets of Rage 4 is a fantastic experience for new and old fans alike, thanks to its neon visuals, bouncy soundtrack, and endless replayability.

house of the dead remake best switch co-op games

3. The House of The Dead: Remake – best switch co-op games

Relive arcade madness with The House of the Dead: Remake, an updated look at everyone’s favourite on-rails shooter with brand new horde mode addition. Famous for its utterly deadpan voice acting, ludicrous plot and commitment to the B-movie vibe, The House of the Dead is probably the best (or at least most hilarious) light gun game around, and with splittable Joy-Cons the gameplay translates surprisingly well to consoles. Shooting and the overall controls can be a touch buggy, but that’s honestly part of the fun. Give us a light gun add-on, please!

animal crossing new horizons best switch co-op games

4. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

2020’s smash hit escapist fantasy Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets players create their own island paradise, working with the anthropomorphic locals to build shops, a museum and other weird and wonderful creations. There’s a limit of one island per Switch system, but local players can build a house each and online play sees visitors to your hometown, making this one of the best Switch co-op games for a relaxing, unguided gaming experience. Players can customise the island together: but don’t destroy your neighbour’s carefully-placed decorative rocks (true story).

untitled goose game best switch co-op games

5. Untitled Goose Game

Become a pair of horrible geese in Untitled Goose Game, the stealth puzzle gem that makes bothering the residents of a sleepy English village your raison d’être. Added in a free update, the couch co-op mode sees another menace descend on the unsuspecting villagers, where you’ll solve puzzles together and play twice as many pranks on your victims. Even if you’ve played through the game alone there’s satisfying replayability in seeing who can flap faster and honk louder, and the second goose makes those frantic moments all the better. Be terrible, together.

Read on to find out our next five picks for the best Switch co-op games, including the ever-popular Overcooked! 2 and farming utopia Stardew Valley.