Is this a mod record?

Someone’s Already Made A Shang-Chi Mod For Skyrim

A keen Marvel fan has built a Shang-Chi mod for Skyrim less than a month since it premiered in Los Angeles, and only two weeks after the film went international. But the modder seems like an even bigger fan of someone else…

The buzz around the latest Marvel movie has been intense – with Shang-Chi getting ridiculously high scores from critics and audiences on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite the pandemic slowdown at movie theatres, the film has seen strong audience numbers. It’s popularity has clearly translated to the Skyrim fandom as the Shang-Chi mod has arrived incredibly quickly, as reported in TheGamer.

And that’s not all. The mod also adds Jason Statham to the Nordic wilds. It’s the dream-duo we never knew we needed. The modder, cthkclnpc1, uploaded their mod to Nexus Mods on Friday – and it already has seen quite a bit of popularity. Tempted to join in the fun?

Credit: Cthkclnpc1

Shang-Chi mod specs

Cthkclnpc1 includes a detailed description of Shang-Chi’s backstory, as well as their specs – he comes in at level 80 with an HP of 4000. They also give a quick intro to Jason Statham, in case you have missed the iconic English action star. Statham also has a higher level and HP than Shang-Chi, which after rewatching Hobbs & Shaw recently, I agree with 100%.

It’s not the first time modders have added other pop culture references into Skyrim. There’s a mod that lets you play as Ash from the Evil Dead. In our run down of weird mods, we also wrote about the mod that mashes up Skyrim and Super Mario.

Do you have a character you’d love to see modded into Skyrim? Give us your dream Skyrim mod suggestions via our social media channels.



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Featured Image Credit: Cthkclnpc1