Sonic Frontiers Dev Says Negativity Is Because People ‘Don’t Understand’ It

Sonic Frontiers lead developer Takashi Iizuka has said people are being negative because people don’t quite understand it.

During an interview with VGC, Iizuka spoke about the criticism that Sonic Frontiers has come under since its IGN First gameplay reveal. Some believe that Sonic Frontiers looks so bad, that SEGA should delay the game.

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Sonic fans have accused the game of looking uninspired with a bland open world. By the way, Iizuka says Sonic Frontiers isn’t an open world game, but instead an “open zone.” Which just sounds to me like a game with multiple open world areas, if you will.

Open zone, not open world

This new game system itself is something that doesn’t really exist in any other comparable titles,” Iizuka explained. “So, we really hope that from here until launch we can really explain what open-zone gameplay is.

Should Sega Delay Sonic Frontiers?

On the topic of Sonic Frontier’s criticism, Iizuka said: “It’s not really that surprising. We do realise everyone is just kind of reacting to the videos that they saw and because they don’t understand what this new gameplay is, they’re kind of comparing it to other games that they already know.

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Credit: SEGA/Team Sonic

To be fair, until the game releases, we don’t know exactly how the game will play and how its “open zone” will come together. But first impressions make a lasting impression, and some might be put off by the game before it even arrives.

Will Sonic Frontiers prove us wrong?

Hopefully, Sonic Frontiers will be an absolute banger and will prove us wrong. Only time will tell. Otherwise, I can’t see #DelaySonicFrontiers not trending on social media anytime soon.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming game from the SEGA mascot? Let us know across our social media channels. Sonic Frontiers will be released later this year for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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