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Sony Just Revealed ‘Secret’ PS2 Feature & Gamers Can’t Believe It

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Sony recently celebrated the 20th birthday of the iconic PlayStation 2, and the company revealed a feature you probably didn’t know about. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but let’s face it – it’s been two decades, and the fact the console is still hiding some secrets is pretty darn cool.

As you can see in the tweet below, the PlayStation logo that featured on the console can be turned, presumably to suit whether you want your console to stand horizontal or vertical. It’s a nice detail, and gamers can’t believe they didn’t know it existed.

One Twitter user responded: “Well it’s today that learned I could do this. 15 yrs later. -.-“


As expected, the tweet was also bombarded with a bunch of mind-blown GIFs.

Although the majority of people were completely baffled by the revelation, there were a number of people who claimed that playing with the logo was a big part of the console for them.

While the spinny PS logo is pretty cool, it’s nowhere near as mind-blowing as the time Sony tried to convince us the X button is actually the “Cross” button.


Last year, PlayStation UK responded to a tweet about the name of the button, writing: “Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square…If Cross is called X (it’s not), then what are you calling Circle?”

Naturally the world was pretty shook at the news, which essentially rewrote the last 20 years of gaming.

One response to the tweet read: “You’re lucky xbox sucks or i would be really…. cross with you! But seriously i’m selling my playstation and buying three switches i don’t need now because of this.”


I’m still calling it the “ex” button and you can’t stop me, Sony.

Featured Image Credit: Sony