Speedrunners are raising funds for a struggling dog rescue centre

Speedrunners are organising an event to raise funds to help GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center, a struggling dog rescue charity.

If you know anything about speedrunning, then you’ll know that raising money for charities has become a fixture of the community. Events like Games Done Quick, run annual events for charity and raise millions. But now it’s a struggling dog rescue charity that speedrunners are binding together to help.

User GRBow, posted on Reddit today on r/speedrun that the speedrunning event, No Glitches Allowed, is setting up an emergency fundraiser for struggling charity GO Rescue Pet Adoption.

“We received the call by none other than the owner herself, Georgia Obenaus: The charity is just a couple weeks from going under due to a myriad of unexpected issues”, states GRBow.

“We need all the help we can get. If you know anyone that might be interested in submitting or volunteering, please let them know.”

Submissions are now open for the flash fundraiser which will take place from July 29th to the 31st.

There’s plenty of time to submit until the deadline of July 21st and there is no limit on how many submissions you can make.

Summer Games Done Quick raises more than £2.5 million for charity

Want To Help?

Credit: GO Rescue Adoption Center.

The Virginia-based GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center began in 2011 and has since gone on to help rescue over 1800 dogs.

“Our rescue center provides a safe haven for homeless dogs, giving them the time, care, and love they need to find the right home, not just any home”, Go Rescue Adoption Center states on their website.

“Go Rescue is not funded, and relies solely on the kindness and donations of others in order to continue.”

I’m a huge advocate for adoption and not buying your pets, and have only ever had rescue cats of my own. I don’t where I’d be without my fluffy companions, and respect anyone giving up their time and funds to support charities which look after rescued animals.

The gaming community can be notorious for its toxicity. But those at No Glitches Allowed are leading by example and helping get the GO Rescue Pet Adoption Center back on its paws.

If you are interested in submitting or volunteering for No Glitches Allowed, you can find their submission form here.

You can also donate to Go Rescue Pet Adoption at any time. And even buy their rescue dogs some food by checking out their Amazon wish list.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda. Source: thegamer.com

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