This PlayStation Game Will Take You 10 Years To Platinum

To all the trophy hunters out there, you might want to sit The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe out, as the platinum trophy will take a decade to earn.

Remember The Stanley Parable? Course you do, it was that one game that was a Half-Life mod then a full game where you would try to disobey the narrator at every turn. It’s a classic, and for a reason. Not many games could easily fit into the comedy genre, but this one certainly does.

And after a long wait, a special, reworked version of The Stanley Parable called Ultra Deluxe is finally out. The game has had a visual overhaul to “reflect modern technology” as noted on the game’s Steam page. And there’s plenty of new content and secrets to discover, with a range of accessibility features too. There’s only one problem: one of the trophies takes ten actual years to complete.

YouTube video

is this a joke?

We aren’t joking about this, but it obviously is one from Crows Crows Crows. You see, in the original version of the game there was a similar trophy called “Go outside“. That one was simple, technically: don’t play the game for five years. But this is the Ultra Deluxe version of The Stanley Parable. So now the trophy is called “Super go outside,” and now involves not playing the game for 10 years. Yeah, rough going on this one trophy hunters, looks like you won’t be able to platinum this game any time soon.

Now you’re probably thinking, ‘I could just change the internal clock on my console?’ And you’d be right, but you’d lose the satisfaction of really having done it. So if we were you, we’d get started now, as this one will take you at least until 2032.

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Featured Image Credit: PlayStation/ LucasFilm