Starfield Will Have The Biggest City In Bethesda History

Starfield looks like it’s going to be one massive game, and according to Todd Howard, one of the cities will be the biggest in Bethesda history.

If you somehow missed it, Bethesda has finally shown off some gameplay for the highly anticipated Starfield. Being set in space, the game was likely always going to be huge. Though how big it would end up being could only be speculated upon up until now.

But with the first proper trailer, we now know that the game will have over over 1000 planets to explore. It’s not just the amount of planets that will be massive though. As in a recent interview with IGN, Howard explained that the cities will be big too.

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According to Howard, there will be four main cities in the game. So while there are lots of planets, it does sound like the core locations are set in stone. And New Atlantis, capital city of the United Colonies, is apparently the biggest city in the game.

just how big is new atlantis?

Not just that though, but it’s bigger than any one location in Skyrim, Fallout 4, or any of its other games. Making Starfield a game filled with plenty of firsts for Bethesda. New Atlantis is the city we got a look at in the gameplay trailer, and it certainly does look like a city of the future.

Credit: Bethesda/Xbox Game Studios

It has all the services you would expect, and you can work on your ship there, the factions touch that,” said Howard. “But that’s also the headquarters for Constellation, which is the faction that you join that is the last group of space explorers – kind of this NASA-meets-Indiana Jones-meets-The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen [group].

Howard also touched on the main quest, which will apparently be around 30 to 40 hours long. Which is also longer than any of Bethesda’s other titles. All in all, this sounds like a game that players will be playing for many years to come, just like Skyrim.

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