Breath Of The Wild Player Discovers Secret Room 5 Years Later

Despite being five years old now, Breath of the Wild still has a few secrets to discover, like a newly uncovered secret room.

Breath of the Wild released back in 2017, a lifetime ago now, and it is stacked full of secrets. Whether it’s the fact that the Master Sword can solve certain puzzles, or a secret storyline, there’s plenty to uncover. And now, one Breath of the Wild player has found a secret room that hasn’t been found before.

This particular secret room is located in Gerudo Town, and was discovered by YouTuber Universe Devon. If you head to the Gerudo clothes shop, you’ll find that there’s an entrance blocked by a curtain. And if you try to enter it, shopkeeper Sault tells you “Ah, um, that doorway isn’t for customers, actually…

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tell us breath of the wild, what’s in the secret room?

So of course, we have to know what is behind the doorway (or curtain, in this instance). To get inside, Universe Devon used a speedrunning trick involving using the shield. Essentially, if you time it right, by flipping onto your shield as if to ride it, and quickly unequipping your shield, you can clip through many walls in the game.

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Universe Devon used this particular trick to get in to see the contents of the room. And within it they found… nothing! Unsurprisingly, because players were never meant to go inside, there’s nothing to be found.

Literally all there is inside is a ground texture, and four walls. While this might be disappointing for some, the satisfaction of knowledge can be its own reward. Even if, again, that reward is technically nothing.

Still, with the wait for Breath of the Wild 2, this will at least keep us going for a while longer. The sequel was delayed earlier this year, now expected to launch some time in 2023. And if some details leaked by one of the voice actors are to be believed, it should certainly have an interesting story.

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