State Of Decay 2 Dropping Next Week – Gameplay And All We Know

State of Decay 2 is launching next week On May 22 so we thought it’d be interesting to showcase everything we know about the game so far. We have included some gameplay footage and listed details about what you can expect from the game.

From what we have seen so far, State of Decay 2 is set to be one of the best zombie games of this decade.

Is State Of Decay 2 Multiplayer?

State Of Decay is a multiplayer game, but you can play it on your own. This game puts emphasis on players teaming up in four player co-op mode. You’re encouraged to play through an entire story with the same four players.

Every player has their own base with their own storage locker, so whilst one person may need to host the game, everybody feels like they have their own part in the game instead of three players just following around the host player.

There isn’t any player versus player gameplay in State Of Decay, but Undead Labs do have plans for an open world multiplayer zombie game in the future that may include PVP.

Is State Of Decay 2 Open World?

State Of Decay features a massive open world that players can explore in any way that they please. This game does not have a linear story mode, either. Instead, players can explore different communities and progress through separate stories within each community.

Players essentially have control over what happens within each of these stories and the choices can change what happens to the community.

State Of Decay will actually have 3 maps, and there will be some sense of progression as you move from one map to another, but you’re essentially given the freedom to do activities as you please.

The three maps are called Cascade Hills, Meagher Valley, and Drucker County. Each map will be roughly the same size as the original State Of Decay map.

Does State Of Decay 2 Have Vehicles?

State Of Decay 2 has over 40 different vehicles and each vehicle can have a number of color variations. Players can also get hold of vehicle upgrade kits to upgrade their vehicles into mass murdering machines. You can craft these kits and a lot of the gameplay will focus on gathering supplies and crafting different items.

What Platforms Can You Play State Of Decay 2 On?

State Of Decay 2 will be available on Xbox One and Windows PC.

When Is State Of Decay Released?

State Of Decay 2 will be released on May 22, 2018.

Is State Of Decay 2 On Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, you will be able to play State Of Decay 2 if you are subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass. You can also use your Xbox Game Pass trial to play the game for free for 7 days.

Alternatively, you can just buy State Of Decay 2 outright without an Xbox Game Pass.

How Big Is The State Of Decay 2 Download?

A Microsoft listing revealed that State Of Decay 2 will require a 20.21GB download. The actual size at launch may differ slightly, especially if there’s a day one patch, but we’re looking at roughly 20GB.

Other Interesting Details About State Of Decay

Below, we have compiled a number of other interesting details we currently know about State Of Decay. This information comes from the developers themselves, from gameplay footage, or from details based on the original game.

Watch Out For Night Time In State Of Decay 2

Night time will be very scary in State Of Decay 2 – zombies will be more aggressive and you’ll be in constant danger if you stay outside during the night. Hopefully, players should be rewarded in some way for venturing out when it gets dark.

Types Of Zombies In State Of Decay 2

There will be a number of different zombie subtypes – these types of zombies are similar to the zombies seen in other popular games. The Screamer will make noise if aggroed, which will alert more nearby zombies. The Juggernaut is a slow moving zombie with more health, whilst the Bloater is a zombie that will explode if it gets too close to a player.

Zombie hordes are also a thing in State Of Decay – sometimes zombies will group together in groups of up to 20 and will act together as one unit.

There Will Always Be A Sense Of Direction

State Of Decay 2 gives players a lot of freedom to tackle the game how they want to. The open world format allows players to take things at their own pace, but the game never lacks direction. You always have tasks to complete or critical missions to help out nearby communities.

No matter how sidetracked you get, it’ll always be easy to remember what missions you have that need to be completed.

Watch Out For Blood Plague

State Of Decay 2 will have a new mechanic called Blood Plague – this is a disease that can be contracted from getting attacked by zombies and it can eventually kill your player.

When infected, you will see a new bar above your health that will show you how far you have left until the blood plague kills you. You must find a cure by collecting plague samples before you become completely infected, otherwise, you will die.

Plague samples will be found in heavily infested areas, so players will have to work very hard to keep themselves alive if they get infected.

State Of Decay 2 Gameplay

YouTube video

We’ve already seen a lot of State Of Decay gameplay. If you’d like to watch the most recent gameplay footage you can check out the video above. This video from IGN includes 25 minutes of in-game footage and it shows the most recent build we’ve seen so far.

Thanks for reading our overview of everything we know about State Of Decay 2. Hopefully, you will enjoy the game once it launches on May 22, 2018.