‘Steamed Hams’ Simpsons Scene Is Now Its Own Video Game

The classic Simpsons ‘steamed hams’ scene is now available as a point-and-click adventure game.

We know what you’re thinking. Steamed hams, as a point-and-click adventure game? It must be some kind of regional dialect. But developer NeoDement has made this fantasy a reality.

This Simpsons fan game recreates that notorious steamed hams scene, and places it in the aesthetic of pixel art, point-and-click adventure games. NeoDement shared a playthrough of the game on their YouTube channel, making it seem like it’s just an animation. But the entire thing is available to download and play yourself.

YouTube video

The original steamed hams scene is from the 21st episode of season seven of The Simpsons. Titled 22 Short Films About Springfield, it featured a variety of stories about different characters from the world of The Simpsons.

A few years ago, the steamed hams scene featuring Seymour Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers became a popular meme. It spawned a variety of fan works, like one where it has a different animator every 13 seconds. But clearly the scene has longevity, as proven by this most recent fan game.

The fan game has proven to be a hit with Simpsons writer Bill Oakley too, who tweeted a simple “OH MY GOD” in reaction to it.

There just seems to be something about sitcoms and turning them into point-and-click adventure games. Back in 2020, a couple of Australian developers decided to make an adventure game based on Seinfeld. Clearly the kind of characters you might find in a sitcom often fit into the slightly weirder world of point-and-click adventure games. 

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Featured Image Credit: Fox/ NeoDement