Stray beats God of War as the best user-rated game on Steam this year

Stray has become the best user-rated game on Steam of 2022, beating the likes of God of War and Elden Ring. 

Annapurna Interactive’s hit indie game Stray has now become the highest user-rated game on Steam, according to Steam 250.

Steam 250, originally created in 2014, is a website dedicated to helping users find the best games to get on the gaming platform, Steam. It works by assigning games a score based on how many users give them a positive or negative review combined with how many people reviewed the game overall.

Stray has a score of 8.61, and out of 42,655 reviews of the game, a whopping 98% of them were positive. Stray beats the hugely popular game, God of War, and its PC port on steam, with a score of 8.56. And even other hugely popular games, like Elden Ring, with its score of 8.17.

Stray being the highest user-rated game on Steam isn’t the game’s only accolade. The game was also the most wish-listed game on Steam before its release on July 19th and had a grand total of 62,932 concurrent players on Steam upon its release. This was bigger than any total of concurrent players of any previously released game by Annapurna Interactive. Its other published games like Neon White only reached 3,277.

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Still A While To Go

Credit: Annapurna Interactive.

Although its Steam250 score is definitely impressive, it still has a while to go before reaching the top of the highest user-rated games on Steam. In the overall rankings, Stray sits at 49th place, sitting under South Park: The Stick of Truth.

If you look at the Top 5 overall high-rated games on Steam, you can see it has huge competition ahead. The highest-rated game found on Steam250 is Valve’s own Portal 2, with a score of 8.83. Of a huge 301,930 reviews, 99% of them are positive.

And although I don’t see Stray beating out Steam’s own developed titles like Portal 2, I do believe it’ll continue to garner positive reviews across multiple gaming platforms.

Here at GameByte, we gave the PC version of Stray a 9.5/10, and stated it as a “game that you will think about even when you’re not playing it”.

It seems we weren’t the only ones to review it positively if Steam250 is anything to go by. And although there are still many months left of 2022, and many new games to come with it, I don’t think Strays is going to be far from everyone’s minds any time soon.

Featured Image Credit:  Annapurna Interactive. Source: VideoGamesChronicle.

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