Twitch Streamer Discovers He Didn’t Beat Elden Ring Despite 361 Attempts

Twitch streamer Dan Gheesling discovers that after 361 attempts at the final Elden Ring Boss, it has a second phase.

We’ve all been there, especially with Soulsborne games. You think you’ve achieved the seemingly achievable, defeating that boss that’s taken you days, only to discover they turn into something more menacing. And there are multiple phases you still have to fight.

Twitch streamer, and former American Big Brother contestant, Dan Gheesling discovered this live during his playthrough of FromSoftware’s Elden Ring.


Clipped by viewers, you can see the exact moment it clicks for Gheesling that there’s more to the final boss of Elden Ring than he thought. What makes this moment even more heartbreaking, is this was after 361 attempts off the boss’s first phase.

As the ‘You died’ text appears on screen, you can vividly see the pain in Gheesling’s eyes as this realisation slowly comes to him.

“I didn’t know there was a phase two, chat”, he tells his viewers as his character loads back to the last site of grace he visited.

“Chat, it makes no sense!”

Player completes Elden Ring with a Piano

You can do it dan, we believe in you

Gheesling’s clip comes after his defeat of Elden Ring boss Malenia was picked up by other multiple news outlets. He gained the attention of the internet as it took 2,9999 attempts at, what some call, Elden Ring’s hardest boss.

I don’t think there’s any boss in any game I can recall attempting almost 3,000 times. Definitely not in Elden Ring. I defeated Magrit The Fell Omen fine but got so frustrated over my attempts at fighting the following boss, Godrick the Grafted, that I just gave up on the game entirely.

It’s worth noting that while watching Gheesling’s footage, he doesn’t appear to be using any summons, which can make the game a lot easier.

Honestly, it’d be easy to poke fun at Gheesling for not knowing there’d be multiple phases to the last boss of a Soulsborne game like Elden Ring. But I don’t know that many of us would keep fighting after losing hundreds, and sometimes thousands of times.

Good on Gheesling for not giving up. I bet it’ll feel all the sweeter when those ending credits finally roll. Watch the clip right here and let us know what you think!


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