The Best Safety Car Finally Arrives In F1 2021 Alongside New Circuits

Free DLC is starting to trickle out for the F1 2021 game with today’s update finally adding the (superior) Aston Martin safety car.

The official F1 2021 video game is in a good position right now. A free weekend allowed players to dip their toes into the game, perfectly coinciding with the weekend’s eventful Italian GP. While a disaster for Hamilton and Verstappen, the race certainly left a good taste in everyone else’s mouths. A double podium for McLaren with the return to form of Daniel Ricciardo? Bottas surging from dead last to third? It’s races like these that remind fans why they watch the sport.

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We praised F1 2021 for its excellent depiction of the sport in our review, though criticised an incomplete roster of tracks. Codemasters promised a flurry of post-launch support to bring tracks like the Jeddah Street Circuit, Portimao, and Imola to the game eventually. Now, we finally have a roadmap of when that content is coming, and it starts today!

As of September 13th, F1 2021 is receiving updated car performances that bring them more inline with their real world counterparts. Players can also find the Portimao circuit in the game as well as the Aston Martin safety car. Until now, only the Mercedes AMG GT R safety car has been in the game. We’re finally able to sit behind the better of the two in all of it’s deep green glory.

Credit: EA Sports/Codemasters

You can try it for free!

Also from today, Xbox and PlayStation players are able to download a free trial of the game. This smaller demo of the game gives players access to the introduction of Braking Point, F1 2021’s single player mode. They can also race around a Grand Prix at Monza and try out the opening weekend for the ‘My Team’ mode.

Coming later in the year, we can expect to see the iconic Imola track arrive next month in October. Beyond that, the Jeddah Street Circuit arrives in November alongside the F2 2021 season. The 2020 season of F2 is already playable in this year’s game, so this will be a neat addition to bring F1 2021 up to date.

Credit: EA Sports/Codemasters

Overall, it’s looking like a promising few months for F1 fans. Not only will we get to see the conclusion of this year’s heated rivalry between Verstappen and Hamilton, but we’ll have a fully up-to-date game to go alongside it.

Which safety car do you think is best of the two, and why is it the Aston Martin? Let us know why we’re right across our social channels.

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[Featured Image Credit: Codemasters]