Bloodborne PS1 Demake Has A Release Date, And It’s Quite Soon

The Bloodborne fan demake will be coming to your PSX… I mean PC this coming January, 31.

The demake is being made by indie developer Lilith Walther, with music from Evelyn Lark. Walther has been steadily posting development updates on her personal Twitter, and now the game is finally ready.

The trailer shows off the opening section of Bloodborne, with fully fleshed out combat. It oozes with PSX style, while successfully capturing the atmosphere of Yharnam. There is of course a CRT filter overlaid to really give you the old school feel too.

Walther noted in the comments of the announcement trailer that the Bloodborne fan demake will only go up to Father Gascgiogne. Don’t worry though, as you’ll also be treated to a boss fight with the Cleric Beast as well. Most importantly, Walther is releasing the game completely for free. She also said that the source code will be available a few months after launch.

YouTube video

Bloodborne PSX isn’t the only game to receive the demake treatment. Games like The Last of Us and Resident Evil Village are getting the polygonal look as well. Unlike the Bloodborne PSX though, those two aren’t playable.

Walther’s work is an incredible ode to the original game. And Lark’s recreations of the music perfectly emulate the soundfonts of the PSX. The release date announcement was a welcome way to end Halloween. Bloodborne fans won’t want to miss this one when it drops next year.

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Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware/ Lilith Walther