The Last Of Us Part 2’s Final Scene Has Been Shot

Well, it’s official. Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 has finally finished filming its motion capture scenes.

Credit: Naughty Dog

Sharing the news on Twitter, Naughty Dog Vice President, Neil Druckmann showed a picture of the game’s script with the caption: “Just shot this scene… so…[sad face].”

What this means for the actual release of the game is still up in the air, as it’s still not clear whether or not the game will be launching at the tail-end of 2019 or if it’s going to be all the way in 2020.

If rumours are to be believed (which, let’s face it, they rarely are) we should be expecting The Last of Us Part 2 to release in Q4 (a.k.a the last few months of 2019).

Credit: Naughty Dog

Although it’s just speculation, there’s a lot to suggest that’s actually when it’ll be on store shelves.

The game has been seen on the ‘Coming Soon’ section of the PlayStation Store, alongside confirmed 2019 releases (with no confirmed 2020 releases showing in the same section).

It’s also been “confirmed” to be coming this year by an industry insider, AND a Peruvian retailer recently listed the game for pre-order [via GamesRadar], with a release date (or more accurately, a release window) of October 2019.

The Last of Us Part 2 – whenever it comes – is launching at a VERY interesting time for Sony.

Credit: Naughty Dog

It’s been confirmed that we can expect the PlayStation 5 in 2020, which had been rumoured for a while. People assumed that TLOU2 would be launching on PS4 late 2019 with a remastered edition becoming available when the PS5 released. This is what happened with the first game.

However, the recent confirmation of the PS5 being able to play PS4 games may have put a spanner in that, because who’s going to buy the same game twice in the space of 12 months when one copy will be playable on both consoles?

I mean, I would. But surely that’s got to put a dampener on sales…?

Please don’t keep us waiting too long, Naughty Dog!

Featured Image Credit: Naughty Dog