The Quarry Was Supposed To Be A Google Stadia Exclusive

The Quarry, the latest title from Supermassive Games was apparently supposed to be a Google Stadia exclusive before being picked up by 2K.

The Quarry is considered to be a spiritual successor to Until Dawn which was released for the PS4 in 2015. However, before coming to consoles, it was reportedly meant to be an exclusive for Google’s streaming platform.

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The reports are courtesy of, which claims to have been informed by “two sources familiar” with the development of The Quarry that it was never initially intended to launch on consoles.

However, as we now know, the latest horror from Supermassive launched for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. At the time of writing, The Quarry is not available on Google Stadia.

Google partnered with Supermassive

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Credit: 2K/Supermassive Games

Back in 2020, Google announced that it had partnered with Supermassive Games. At the time, Supermassive said: “We’re really looking forward to sharing more with you as soon as we can. What the team is creating looks amazing and we can’t wait for people to get a glimpse of it later this year.

While titles from Supermassive Games often prove to be popular amongst streamers and their viewers, I’m not sure how much success The Quarry would have been, had it remained exclusive to Google Stadia.

Credit: 2K/Supermassive Games

In our review of The Quarry, we said it: “reinvigorates storytelling in horror by giving you more agency as the player, branching off into so many outcomes, and ultimately making you want to play again immediately after the credits roll.

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The Quarry is available to buy from the GameByte Shop from £47.95.

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