The Witcher Season 2 Will Feature A More “Linear” Story and “New Characters”

Just this week, the showrunner of Netflix, The Witcher series Lauren S. Hissrich shared a script that revealed a slightly different ending to the conclusion on the series.  Well, Hissrich has been sharing some more information, this time in regards to season two of The Witcher, courtesy of an AMA (Ask Me Anything) Q&A session on Reddit.

Credit: Netflix

When revealing details on season two, Hissrich detailed that the story of the second season will be more linear and it will feature some “new fun characters.”.  She even expressed the intent to better present the passage of time, with the first season having jumps in decades, sometimes with little explanation.

On the Reddit AMA, Hissrich said “the story will be much more linear, now that the three characters’ stories have started to intersect.” And in regards to the time jumps, she added “We dropped the ball on aging [Jaskier] up over the course of the show. It’s hard to show the passage of time when everyone looks the same, so we’ll be approaching that differently in [season 2].

When referring to new characters being introduced into the second season, Hissrich revealed that “There’s a whole new set of fun characters coming in season 2,”, so I guess we can start speculating as to whom might turn up in the second season.  Hissrich also confirmed that the 2021 release window is likely.

Credit: Netflix

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Featured image credit: Netflix