The Xbox 360 controller is making a comeback

The revolutionary and very popular Xbox 360 controller is making a triumphant comeback. So, will you be picking one up?

For many, the Xbox 360 controller is one of the best of all time. It was even featured in our “Best Video Game Controllers” article. Much like the OG Duke, the Xbox 360 version gives us tingles of nostalgic joy.

The Xbox 360 controller follows the Duke!

The ‘new’ officially licensed Xenon Xbox controller is from the same folks that brought back the revived Duke, inspired by that block of a controller from the original console from 2001.

Yes, that’s right, the third-party manufacturer, Hyperkin is now working on the controller that is said to have revolutionised the D-Pad.

xbox duke controller
Credit: Hyperkin

The Xenon controller will have modern features

The 360-inspired control pad from Hyperkin will be compatible with the Xbox Series X|S as well as the Xbox One and PC. However, much like the Duke controller, this Xbox 360 offering will also be wired.

The Xenon controller will come with a variety of modern features, such as “precision analogue impulse triggers”, Menu, Share and View buttons, as well as a detachable USB Type-C cable. Furthermore, it will also have a 3.5mm headset jack and will be available in a variety of colours, including white, black, red and pink.

xbox 360 xenon controller
Credit: Hyperkin

When will the controller be released?

At this time, Hyperkin hasn’t announced a release date for the Xenon controller. However, Hyperkin has promised that additional details are on the way. If only Sony would follow the lead of Xbox and Nintendo, by bringing back retro controllers for the modern era.

Will you be picking up the Xbox 360-inspired Xenon controller when it becomes available? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Hyperkin/Source: Pure Xbox via Windows Central