This Resident Evil 7 Simpsons Mod Is The Best Thing You’ll Ever See

When it comes to mods the Resident Evil franchise is one which just begs for the most nonsensical additions and swap-outs. We’ve seen a lot of fantastic Resident Evil mods in our time, but hands-down, this The Simpsons-inspired Resident Evil 7 mod has to be up there with the best.

Credit: YouTube:ToastedShoes/YouTube:MrMarco1003

Created by modder MrMarco1003 and shared to YouTube by ToastedShoes, this unbelievably hilarious mod sees the twisted Baker family swapped out for The Simpsons. The whole gang is here, with Homer in the role of Jack, Marge in the role of Marguerite and even Lisa as Mia. Chief Wiggum and Jasper also make an appearance (though why the latter isn’t Grandpa Simpson, we’re not exactly sure).

Credit: YouTube:ToastedShoes/YouTube:MrMarco1003
YouTube video

Being chased around the Baker mansion by the likes of Marge and Homer makes for great viewing, which is clear from the hundreds of thousands of views that ToastedShoe’s video has already amassed.

We highly recommend giving it a watch in the video below, or via ToastedShoe’s YouTube channel right here. For more on mods, you can check out MrMarco1003 here too!

YouTube video

If MrMarco1003’s name sounds familiar then you’ve probably seen some of their mods before, especially the now-famous Shrek mod which went viral earlier this year.

Everyone’s favourite green ogre was added into Resident Evil 3 Remake by the pro modder, and the results are pretty glorious. Shrek takes on the role of Nemesis, meaning you’re in for less scares and more hilarity as he chases you throughout the game. Just like the RE 7 Simpsons mod, the results are funny yet terrifying.

Credit: Nexus Mods/MrMarco1003

If you want to add Shrek into RE3, you can find everything you need over on NexusMods. This truly is a masterpiece, and one of the most realistic-looking mods out there. Well done, MrMarco1003!

Featured Image Credit: YouTube:ToastedShoes/YouTube:MrMarco1003