Please do not try this at home.

TikTok user replaces parts of their car with Wii hardware

A Tiktok user has taken immersive gaming to the next step by replacing their car steering wheel with the Mario Kart Wii Wheel.

If you had a Nintendo Wii, I bet a lot of you owned the Mario Kart Wii Wheel. Packaged with most versions of Mario Kart Wii, the Wii Wheel was a plastic steering wheel which had an allocated spot to place your Wii mote in. It created a more immersive Mario Kart experience as you could steer the wheel around like in a real car.

While I imagine most Wii Wheels to this day are collecting dust in cupboards, a Tiktok user took it upon themselves to use theirs with their actual car. Replacing their real steering wheel with the Nintendo branded bit of plastic.

Tyler Atkin, who goes by ttptng on Tiktok, uploaded the video last month, where he replaced his real steering wheel with that of the Wii Wheel.

In a later video, Atkin described the driving experience as, “absolutely awful. Do not recommend.” Showing just how difficult it is to use power steering while driving with a plastic white plastic steering wheel.

That wasn’t the end to Atkin’s Nintendo-based car modifications, however. In another video, Atkin replaced his car’s handbrake with the Nunchuck controller. Which actually looks the part as its shape is not all that different to a real handbrake. Just with an added joystick.

Atkin calls his car the “Wiiata”, and there seems no end in sight to his Nintendo Wii-inspired modifications.

Most recently, Atkin is installing an actual Nintendo Wii into where the car radio is usually found. In hopes to have the Wii playable from within the cars itself.


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DoN’T try this at home.

mario kart 8
Credit: Nintendo

When viewing Atkin’s TikTok page, a warning has been added over one of the videos.

“Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt”, it reads. Probably in hopes that others won’t be encouraged to make any Nintendo-based adjustments to their vehicles.

There are plenty of cool modifications to consoles and console accessories shown off in Tiktok videos that you could try. Ones that doesn’t require you to make any possibly illegal modifications to your car, that may put yourself and others at risk.

Although Atkin’s videos are amusing to watch, try the real thing instead.
And by the real thing, I mean, turn on your Nintendo Switch and play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo. Source: VG247.