‘Timberborn’ Is What Happens If You Add Beavers To SimCity

It’s the beaver city building steam-punk game that you never knew you needed.

Timberborn is a city building game populated by futuristic beavers. They can dam and control rivers, build architecture and decorate their cities. The hame has night and day options, as well as wet and dry seasons – adding an extra fun texture to the world. Watch the surprisingly dark trailer here:

YouTube video

Timberborn is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have made themselves extinct. Using the leftovers of the human world and the fruits of nature, the beavers are building a better new world.

As a fan of City Skyline and woodland animals, it feels as though this game was designed for me. I must clarify that the game describes it’s style as ‘lumberpunk’ and I cannot tell you how delightful I find this. Throw on a plaid shirt and dig into this early access game.

Credit: Mechanistry

It’s been out for about a month and already has hundreds of thousands of downloads. And Timberborn already has an overwhelmingly positive rating on Steam, with over 4000 reviews. Perhaps we should tell that dude on Twitter who was mad about not being able to chop trees in God of War about it?

You can get the early access version of Timberborn on GOG, Steam or the Epic Games store now.

Are you excited about this beaver city building game? Let us know if you think it looks good viaa our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Mechanistry