Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Character Classes – Clawbringer

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands character classes are bursting with different features, cool aesthetics, and most importantly, fun. Although each character probably won’t be for every player, we’ve started a series here on GameByte looking at each character class in more detail. This time around, we’re looking into the Clawbringer.

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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Character Classes
Credit: 2K

Clawbringer – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Character Classes

Fans of Thor and the recent God of War reboot for PlayStation 4 and 5 will feel a strong affinity to the Clawbringer class. Wielding fire and lightning down on enemies, they use the Aspectral Hammer that they can throw and call back to their hands alongside using the flames of a pet Dragon. We’re struggling to find a reason why players wouldn’t use this character class being honest.

Focusing on the aforementioned lightning and fire damage, the Clawbringer’s Dragon Aura empowers an adventuring party with additional fire damage and more. Imagine pairing this ability with the Brr-Zerker class Cryo damage? Speaking of Dragons, Clawbringers pet Wyvern uses its claws and fire breathing to cause extra damage.

Credit: 2K

Action Skills – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Character Classes

Cleansing Flames – Dealing area of effect damage, this skill allows users to use the power of fire damage when smashing enemies up with the Aspectral Hammer. Fans of crowd management need to look no further.

Storm Dragon’s Judgement – This is the aforementioned Thor and God of War fans feature. Players can throw their hammer and deal damage to anyone in its path, with the Axe emitting a shocking area of effect damage to nearby enemies in range. Players can then recall their Axe once the damage has been done.

Skill Tree – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Character Classes

Tier 1

Oath of Fire (5) – Bonus fire damage from guns and Wyvern Companion.
Radiance (5) – Increases maximum ward capacity.
Oath of Thunder (5) – Bonus lightning damage on melee and Wyvern attacks.

Tier 2

Dragon Aura (5) – Increased elemental damage for player and party.
Dedication (5) – Increased action skill cooldown rate, higher wards have greater bonuses.
Rebuke (5) – Damage reduction from all attacks and a chance to real lightning damage in return.

Tier 3

Blasthamut’s Favor (1) – Ranged kills summon a fire orb whilst melee kills summons a lightning orb that deals extra damage to a nearby enemy.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Character Classes
Credit: 2K

Tier 4

Fire Bolt (1) – Wyvern pet has a chance to shoot firebolts that cause an area of effect damage. Guns also gain increased damage.
Friend to Flame (5) – Increased pet Dragon damage.
Storm Breath (1) – Wyvern occasionally deals lightning breath damage that bounces to other enemies. The player also gains increased damage reduction.

Tier 5

Awe (3) – Increased critical hit damage after dealing fire damage and increased critical hit chance after dealing lightning damage.
Indomitable (1) – Refills ward and gives bonus lightning damage for a short time despite having a long cooldown. Applies to Save Your Soul only.

Capstone Skill

Storm Smite (1) – Activating Action Skills calls down bolts that can deal fire or lightning ability damage to nearby enemies. 


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