Ubisoft CEO apologised to employees for shifting blame in an email

Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot apologised to employees for the “ball is now in your court” comment in a recent email.

Recently, Ubisoft delayed Skull and Bones for the sixth time, as well as cancelling three unannounced projects. Adding to the four cancelled projects in 2022. However, things have gotten worse for the company, especially for its employees.

Ubisoft stock plummeted

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As a consequence of the latest cancelled projects and the latest delay of Skull and Bones, Ubisoft’s share prices plummeted. It was also reported that Ubisoft intends to cut company costs by €200 million over the next two years.

Furthermore, Guillemot also sent an email to employees, which was perhaps a poor attempt to rally the troops. It’s fair to say that Guillemot’s email had the opposite effect and some accused the CEO of passing the blame.

Today more than ever, I need your full energy and commitment to ensure we get back on the path to success,” said Guillemot in an alleged email.

I am also asking that each of you be especially careful and strategic with your spending and initiatives, to ensure we’re being as efficient and lean as possible.

The ball is in your court to deliver this line-up on time and at the expected level of quality, and show everyone what we are capable of achieving.

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Credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft CEO continues to put himself in hot water

In 2021, Ubisoft employees criticised the CEO’s open letter in response to allegations of sexual harassment and suicide within the company. Furthermore, some employees also filed a petition in the hope of improving work conditions.

Taking into account the allegations made against Ubisoft under the leadership of Guillemot, the French trade union, Solidaires Informatique called upon Ubisoft Paris employees to stage a half-day strike on January 27th.

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The union also requested Ubisoft to improve its working environment globally as well as a 10% pay increase to fall in line with the cost of living. It also pushed for a four-day working week.

The Ubisoft CEO was grilled during a Q&A

However, as reported by Kotaku, Yves Guillemot was said to have faced a grilling Q&A session with Ubisoft employees. What’s more, the demands of Solidaires Informatique were addressed. Kind of.

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Credit: Ubisoft Montreal (Twitter)

I heard your feedback and I’m sorry this was perceived that way,” Guillemot reported said, according to sources of Kotaku. However, those attending the Q&A were apparently not authorised to speak to the press.

When saying ‘the ball is in your court’ to deliver our lineup on time and at the expected level of quality, I wanted to convey the idea that more than ever I need your talent and energy to make it happen,” said the CEO (reportedly).

He continued “This is a collective journey that starts of course with myself and with the leadership team to create the conditions for all of us to succeed together.

Union requests were reportedly declined

Credit: Ubisoft

Furthermore, sources attending the Q&A, told Kotaku that they feel Ubisoft management is out of touch and the session did little in terms of offering reassurances.

Ubisoft’s chief financial officer, Federick Duguet also rejected the 10% pay rise as well as the proposed four-day working week. However, calls for the half-day strike were not directly addressed.

In relation to the reported €200 million company cost cuts, Guillemot said: “It’s not about doing more with less, but finding ways to do things differently across the company.

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