Upcoming Pokemon series will conclude Ash & Pikachu’s story

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu are leaving the Pokemon animated series after 25 long and fruitful years. Things certainly won’t be the same.

In the recent Pokemon Ultimate Journey: Series, after a quarter of a decade and countless failed attempts, Ash Ketchum finally became a world champion, after winning the region Pokemon League in 2019.

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The Pokemon series says goodbye to Ash and Pikachu

So, the question remained, what’s next for Ash and Pikachu? Well, that question will be answered in the new and upcoming series which will premiere in Japan on January 13th, 2023.

Fans will be given the opportunity to come to terms with the loss over 11 episodes featuring the duo. I know my 11-year-old son will be gutted, and he won’t be alone.

To be fair, 25 years is a long time and this change of direction is going to take some getting used to. It will certainly be an emotional goodbye for many fans. Once Ash and Pikachu have bid their farewells, a new Pokemon series will be introduced with a new cast of leading characters.

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Inspired by Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

What’s more, the new Pokemon series in question will be inspired by the two most recent games released for the Nintendo Switch, Scarlet and Violet. 

Here we’ll get to know two new characters and the trio of starter Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet. The starter Pokemon are Fuecoco (Fire-type), Quaxly (Water-type) and Sprigatito (Grass-type).

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Credit: The Pokemon Company

Ash and Pikachu have had many encounters, many battles, and many exciting and memorable times,” said a trailer bidding its farewell. “Every adventure is another step on the long path to becoming a Pokémon Master, a dream that never ends.

The Pokemon trailer welcomes new trainers

The trailer concludes: “Across the world… a brand-new dream and adventure is about to begin.” Then we see an image of the new trainers, a boy and a girl accompanied by the starter Pokemon.

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It will no doubt be an emotional episode when we say goodbye to Ash and Pikachu. However, it’s likely that we’ll see them again and when we do, they’ll be the Pokemon Masters and World Champions offering advice to the new upstarts.

Finally, will you be sad to see Ash and Pikachu leave and are you looking forward to the new series? Let us know across our social media channels.

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