WATCH: Mortal Kombat Looks as Brutal as Ever in New Film Trailer

Mortal Kombat is no stranger to the world of cinema. In the 90s there were two films that were… alright? They definitely weren’t great but they’re still a lot of fun to watch if you want that B-movie feel 90s action goodness.

It’s impressive that the franchise has lasted so long. If anything it’s grown stronger and stronger in recent years with some really impressive entries. With more lore than ever before to work with it seems like the perfect time to try and make another Mortal Kombat film.

mortal kombat movie
Credit: Warner Bros.

Now we’ve finally had our taste at a full trailer and it looks good and every bit as brutal as the games it draws its inspiration from. We’ll let you judge for yourself with the trailer below.


In an interview earlier in the year we found out from the director, Simon McQuoid lots of interesting tidbits about the film.

The most important thing to many, and something the trailer has definitely proven true, was stating that gore, blood, and fatalities would all be present and that the ferocious fighting flick would “definitely not going to get a PG-13 rating”.

You’ll be able to watch the Mortal Kombat movie on April 16th in theatres and on HBO Max. Are you hyped for the latest video game movie? Make sure to let us know over on Twitter. If you want to get into the Mortal Kombat spirit before the film releases then why not head to the GameByte Shop and pick yourself up a copy of Mortal Kombat 11?



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Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.