We Can’t Stop Listening To ‘Lo-fi Is Strange’

Life Is Strange: True Colors has been remixed and put on YouTube so we can lo-fi and chill to the soundtrack whenever we like.

It’s even recreated the iconic cover illustration with a little, relaxing animation featuring True Color’s Alex Chen. It’s a cute touch – especially seeing Haven Springs through the open window. As reported by TheGamer, there’s over an hour’s worth of chill vibes to enjoy. Tune in and relax on YouTube:

YouTube video

The mixes are by FFM, and as someone who’s always hungry for more lo-fi to listen to while I write – I’m loving this playlist. There are even little voiceover snippets between the songs that make it sound like you’re listening along to the local radio station in Haven Springs.

Music is truly central to this latest game in the Life is Strange series. It looks like it will be in the coming DLC, Wavelengths, as well – which apparently will focus on Steph’s past working in radio in Haven Springs.

Credit: Square Enix

However the game has received some criticism for not including subtitles on songs, causing accessibility issues, as well as replacing key musical moments with cringe-inducing silent versions instead. 

Meanwhile, critics’ reviews of Life Is Strange: True Colors have been very positive. Sara wrote in her review: ‘It’s a glimmering, supernatural journey that reminds you life really is… weird.‘ This is the latest game in the series developed by Deck Nine, who also created the prequel ‘Before the Storm’. 

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Featured Image Credit: Square Enix