You Can Now Play As Australian DJ Tigerlily In Resident Evil 2

The world of video game modding is a weird place. From grand expansions of original games to Bernie Sanders invading character rosters, sometimes it feels like anything is possible when it comes to modding. For one modder, this realm of possibility meant modding Australian music artist Tigerlily into Resident Evil 2.

re 2 mod
Credit: Luke Millanta

In collaboration with the 28-year-old DJ, record-holding modder Luke Millanta has created a Resident Evil 2 skin based on the artist’s likeness. For those of you who don’t know, Dara ‘Tigerlily’ Hayes is a producer and DJ. Her hit Paradise (ft. Meghan Kabir) reached #67 in the Australian singles chart, as well as coming in 9th place at the DJ InTheMix Awards.

The mod, which replaces Claire Redfield’s likeness with Tigerlily’s, was inspired by the artist’s performances on-stage, something that Millanta cites as inspiration:

I am always looking for new ideas for mods and the moment I saw Tigerlily’s neon blue hair I knew I wanted to do something with this person. It didn’t take long for me to decide she would look fantastic kicking ass in the middle of an apocalypse.”

dj tigerlily re2 mod
Credit: Instagram/DJTigerLily/LukeMillanta

This prompted the modder to reach out to Tigerlily’s management team, making the unlikely collab possible. Luke Millanta previously spoke to GameByte about achieving a Guinness World Record for “Most Followed Content Creator on Steam”, something the creator was able to accomplish by creating various mods for the likes of CS:GO and Team Fortress. 

After seeing herself in the shoes of an apocalyptic survivor, Tigerlily expressed her excitement about the project:

I never thought I would see myself in a game, but here we are, and I couldn’t be more excited to play a badass zombie hunter. It’s really amazing just how life-like my character looks. Can’t wait for you all to run around with blue hair too!

Luke Millanta
Credit: Luke Millanta

In response to this, Millanta stated that he was “incredibly happy to have had the opportunity to work with Tigerlily on this project” and that she is “an unbelievably creative person”.

Who knows, perhaps officially endorsed music artists mods are about to become the next big thing! Here’s hoping!

Download the Resident Evil 2 x Tigerlily mod from Nexusmods right here!

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Featured Image Credit: Instagram/DJTigerLily/LukeMillanta