YouTubers Find Treasure Trove Of Retro Games In Abandoned House

A huge haul worth of retro video games worth over $100,000 has been found in an abandoned house. 

There are discoveries which have made a huge impact on our shared history. Sutton Hoo. Tutankhamun’s tomb. The Terracotta Warriors. Machu Picchu. Today, we can add another.

Last month YouTube channel Cheap Finds Gold Mines posted a video of them discovering mounds of sealed vintage video games in a room which had been locked for 20 years. The (frankly quite stressful) video shows the duo climbing over piles of boxes to uncover stacks of retro games. 

Watch them make the discovery for yourself:

YouTube video

Apparently, Cheap Finds Gold Mines are a pair of modern day treasure-hunters, describing themselves like this:

“We hunt across the US to find cool items and flip them online for profit! You can usually find us at pawn shops, flea markets, yard sales, estate sales and auctions! Always hunting down a great deal!”

Vintage games are big money these days. Earlier this year, a sealed copy of Super Mario 64 was auctioned off for over a million dollars. That is the highest paid for a video game to date. 

Credit: Cheap Finds Gold Mines

It seems that Cheap Finds Gold Mines team found a mix of newer things – such as a sealed Xbox 360 – as well as some rarer older games too. This is the kind of haul a retro gaming fan dreams of. Kotaku reported that the haul was worth a rough estimate of $100,000.

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Featured Image Credit: Cheap Finds Gold Mines