Zelda Tears of the Kingdom could launch with a $70 price tag

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is one of the year’s most anticipated releases but with a suspected $70 price tag, it is set to be a big investment. 

Yesterday saw Nintendo briefly adding the Zelda game on their US eShop with a price tag of $69.99. However, it has since been edited and the price is no longer available. This was spotted by Twitter user Wario64. No other information was on the eShop page other than ‘Releasing in 2023.’

If this price point is accurate, it will be the first time Nintendo has charged more than $59.99 for a standard edition of a Switch game. 

Credit: Steam

Another Twitter user Benji-Sales also discovered that GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon had also stopped taking pre-orders of Zelda. This came after it was listed and then unlisted on the eShop. Previous to the pre-orders being stopped, these retailers had the game listed at $59.99.

This means that if the $69.99 price tag is accurate, we are unsure if retailers who have processed the $59.99 pre-orders will adjust their prices. However it is worth noting that Amazon usually aims for the lowest price that was reached during the pre-order period. 

Nintendo Direct

With the 2023 Nintendo Direct airing later today, we may find out more information then. However, whether or not this will include a price tag remains to be seen. 
In the meantime, Pixelpar on Twitter has shared links to UK retailers that are still accepting pre-orders of Zelda. So if you want to get your order in before prices may rise, do so now.

Until we have confirmation on the final price tag, make sure to tune into Nintendo Direct at 10pm (GMT) to perhaps catch a glimpse of Zelda and some other much-anticipated games.

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