Minecraft Now Has A Crossover With Mario Kart, Sort Of

Thanks to a Minecraft creator, Mario Kart is making an appearance in the block building game through a new pack.

If there’s one thing that people will likely always love, it’s Mario Kart. Whether it’s putting mouthful mode Kirby into Mario Kart 8, or putting Rainbow Road in GTA, no matter where you go there’s a lot of love for the series. Now, a Minecraft creator has made a Mario Kart themed resource pack.

Reddit user Cirelectric shared their creation on the Minecraft subreddit, and it looks great. The pack comes with 12 karts in total, obviously themed around the numerous characters in the games. Mario and Luigi are obviously there, alongside Peach and Bowser.

You’ll also find Yoshi, Rosalina, Daisy, and Donkey Kong. Though oddly there’s only Waluigi, with no Wario in sight. Leaving the lankier of the two all by his lonesome.

Though the pack does come with some custom karts too, like a golden one and a barrel-themed kart. So you can at least imagine you’re Wario in one of them.

Cirrelectric shared a video along with their post to show the karts in action. And while they look a bit slippy, they do honestly look great. You can even drive them in the water, where a propeller will appear at the back of it.

Credit: Nintendo

There’s some impressive details too, like the fact that both the steering wheel and the tires themselves move as you do. It’s a small thing that some might take for granted, but it makes the immersion feel that much better. 

A Brand New Minecraft Game Has Been Announced

This resource pack seems like a great way to get some Mario Kart action in while we wait for the next DLC pack. The new DLC surprised fans earlier this year, and is set to add 48 new tracks in total. A leak has potentially revealed some upcoming tracks, but nothing has been announced as of yet.

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Featured Image Credit: Cirelectric/ Nintendo