Cyberpunk’s Side Quests Will Be Whole Stories For You To Explore

Cyberpunk 2077 absolutely broke the internet when its gameplay demo was released earlier this summer.

The demo showed off some of the most beautiful and impressive graphics we’ve ever seen in a game, but it doesn’t look like it’s all surface-only.

The world of Cyberpunk 2077 looks as rich and diverse as you could need, and it seems like CD Projekt Red have confirmed just how immersive the gameplay will be.

Speaking to Edge (via Kotaku), it’s been confirmed that “there’s nothing that feels like filler” in the game which sounds like everything we could ever want.

The full statement from the article reads:

“We want to make sure that all of them are up to the standards of the main quest, that there’s nothing that feels like filler, just something to do while waiting for the next quest, or to get more money to buy the next thing. We don’t really like to do that. We want to make sure that every quest feels like a complete story in and of itself”

“There’s more choice to what we’ve just seen than is usually available in videogame quests: for instance, you could take DeShawn’s money and run at the very beginning, eschewing his mission but having to deal with the consequences later.

“You could make off with Stout’s eddies, too, although we presume you’d have to get the virus on the chip scrubbed off somewhere. “We don’t artificially limit ourselves,” says the game’s Quest Designer, Patrick Mills. “Our philosophy for quest design is, ‘If the player can logically do it, then they can’. And if they can’t, then we have to come up with a damn good reason why.” [From Edge, via Kotaku].

The attention to detail in the game – from what’s been shown so far – looks second to one.

Last month we reported that an eagle-eyed fan had spotted an Easter egg in the recently-released footage for CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 and it’s absolutely perfect.

Spotted in the background just above a cluttered desk in a segment of the 50 minute gameplay teaser, a poster can be seen sporting the words: “No Life 3. 

Nice work, devs! Are you excited for Cyberpunk 2077?