Fortnite on Android Apps appearing Online – Do NOT Download them

One of the worlds most popular game at this moment in time is Fortnite. It is on pretty much every platform imaginable apart from Android. It was released on iOS earlier this year and has many people playing on the go. Android users are obviously itching to get their hands on the mobile version but will have to wait.

The game is expected to drop onto android devises ‘This Summer’ so will hopefully be out sooner rather than later.

These android scams aren’t hard to find either. Some of them are even being promoted as ads on YouTube. If you see any of these make sure to report them to YouTube so they get taken down.

These can also be found in a number of places not just on YouTube.

Epic Games will of course announce when the Android game will be released so keep an eye out for when they announce this. Be wary of any other apps that aren’t the official Fortnite app.

Most of these apps aren’t incredibly harmful and just forward you to survey sites and similar. However some ask you to sign in with your Epic Games account info and this will lead to your account being stolen. Be careful out there!

New Item added to Fortnite this week is called ‘The Bouncer’.

Have patience the Android app will be out soon and we will of course update you when it is!