GoldenEye 077 Celebrates 23rd Birthday & We Feel Very Old

The phenomenal GoldenEye 007 has officially turned 23 years old and the internet has been busy celebrating the special occasion.

Originally releasing on the Nintendo 64 back in 1997, the instant classic is a genre-defining shooter which is still considered to be one of the greatest of all time. Sadly we’ve yet to see the game get the remake it deserves, but let’s never give up hope.

Although the fan remake of the game was sadly canned earlier this year, 2020 is still set to be a great year for GoldenEye fans thanks to an upcoming documentary exploring the iconic title.

Entitled GoldenEra, the doc will explore the history of the game and its influence in today’s shooters. Though it’s yet to get a release date, it’s expected to be coming this year (pandemic permitting, of course).

A summary reads: “A documentary film that will explore the story behind the game: how a small team created one of the most influential and widely-enjoyed games in history; the personal stories of the large impact the game had on its fans; how the game’s legacy continues to inspire re-imaginings, fan projects and the broader FPS genre; and, where the GoldenEye team are today and their thoughts on the current gaming landscape.

“Featuring interviews with gaming journalists from IGN, Kotaku and CNET as well as industry experts and developers, GoldenEra celebrates the game that revolutionised the way we play together, in bedrooms, dorm rooms with friends and family around the world.”

If you haven’t yet seen the official trailer for GoldenEra, check it out below!

YouTube video

As for GoldenEye 007 itself, it’s hard to believe the game is now 23 years old (and one day). Now that its official birthday has passed, why not tell us your favourite memories of GoldenEye 007 over on Twitter?

Featured Image Credit: Rare/Nintendo