Gorillaz GTA Music Video Reportedly Removed Due To Game Spoiler

The latest Gorillaz music video (which featured GTA) has been removed from the official YouTube channel, reportedly because it contains a spoiler for an upcoming game update.

GTA 5 with Gorillaz
Credit: Gorillaz

The rumours of a huge new update coming to GTA Online were first brought to our attention by Rockstar Games fansite Rockstar Mag, where it’s claimed that the music video has been removed after showing a spoiler for the alleged update.

The publication claimed that information provided by multiple sources stated that GTA Online would not only be in for its “biggest update ever” but it will be so big that it will feature its very own island in its first ever “map expansion.

GTA 5 with Gorillaz
Credit: Gorillaz

Earlier in the month, you may remember the brand new music video from British virtual band Gorillaz, fronted by Blur star Damon Albarn.

The music video was part of Gorillaz “Song Machine Collection,” and was entitled “The Valley of the Pagans.” The track featured American musician Beck with the entire video being created in the virtual world of Los Santos from GTA 5.

Being a fan of Blur, Gorillaz and Beck I had watched the video several times over. However the video has since been removed.

Art for GTA Online
Credit: Rockstar Games

According to Rockstar Mag, the video for The Valley of the Pagans showed an “unseen” island, with the publication claiming that this unseen island relates to the upcoming GTA Online update, and is therefore a spoiler. The site claims this is “information that we had been holding for several months.

At this time it’s all speculation, so all rumours must be taken with a pinch of salt. Thankfully we won’t have long to find out if there’s any truth to this, because this “biggest ever update” is rumoured to release next month.

EDIT: Since writing, a new leak claims to have uncovered a new map for GTA Online, courtesy of a new Rockstar video. Could this be related to these rumours? Check it out below.


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Featured Image Credit: Gorillaz/Rockstar Games