Halo Infinite has cancelled one of its most hyped features

Halo Infinite has had its season 3 delayed and worse, the campaign split-screen couch co-op has been cancelled.

News of season 3 being delayed and split-screen couch co-op being outright ditched was revealed in a recent developer update from 343 Industries. This will surely come as very disappointing news to a lot of Halo fans.

It’s fair to say that Halo Infinite hasn’t had the best of times since it launched in December 2021. Well, in fact, Halo Infinite’s troubles began when it was delayed by over a year when it was intended to be an Xbox Series X|S launch title in November 2020.

Furthermore, fans were already unhappy with the current “Lone Wolves” season two content. For starters, the second season is lasting a whopping six months from May 3rd to November 7th.

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Credit: 343 Industries

Also, considering that season two is lasting half a year, fans were also concerned about its quality and quantity of content. However, Halo fans may now be even more disgruntled following the recent news.

When will Halo Infinite season 3 launch?

Sadly, season 3 of Halo Infinite was pushed back from its original November launch to four months later to March 2023.

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Credit: 343 Industries

Will there be content in between the delay?

Yes, there will be content in between the delay which 343 Industries are simply referring to as the “November Update”.

What’s included in the November Update?

Headlining the November Update is the creative tool, Forge finally arriving to Halo Infinite, but only as a beta. This will mean that it might not be perfect, to begin with, but 343 will fine-tune it over the coming weeks and months. 

The November Update will also bring online campaign co-op. Additionally, there will also be new maps, a new mode, two events as well as a 30-tier Battle pass.

What do we know about season 3?

Season 3 “Echoes Within” will bring new maps to Arena and Big Team Battle, new events, a Forge beta update, new weapons, a 100-tier Battle Pass and more.

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What about the Halo Infinite couch co-op?

Sadly, Halo Infinite won’t be getting split-screen couch co-op. Considering this has been a popular feature since the original Halo from 2001, this will come as a blow to fans of the series. 

I suppose if there’s one silver lining to the local campaign co-op being cancelled, it’s that you can still play the co-op campaign online this November.

halo infinite
Credit: 343 Industries

In order to improve and accelerate ongoing live service development, and to better address player feedback and quality of life updates, we have reallocated studio resources and are no longer working on local campaign split-screen co-op,” said 343 in a development video.

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Halo Infinite is available now for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries/Source: Halo Waypoint