Here’s What Elden Ring Would Look Like On PS1

Elden Ring launches today, in 2022, but if you were wondering what it might have looked like in the 90s, this PS1 take has got you covered. 

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Players will have only just got their hands on the highly anticipated new FromSoftware game. But yesterday, YouTuber and 3D animator Hoolopee showed us what Elden Ring might look like as a PS1 game. All we can say is, we wish it was real.

YouTube video

It’s just under a minute long, and is based on footage from the official gameplay reveal back in June. You can check out the full video below to get a taste of those delicious polygons yourself. It is unfortunately just an animation though, so don’t get too excited at the idea of playing it.

This is not the first time we have seen a PS1 demake from Hoolopee either. Last year they released a video showing off what Resident Evil Village might look like as a PS1 game too. Again, this one isn’t playable either, but it is fun to imagine a world where it is real.

YouTube video

Alternatively, if you do want some FromSoftware action with a PS1 look, then Bloodborne PSX is the game for you. The demake has been in the works for quite a while, but it’s finally available to download for free. Though we should note, because it is meant to be a PS1 game, the controls can be a bit finicky. But that just comes with the territory.

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Featured Image Credit: Hoolopee/ FromSoftware