Hideo Kojima Teases ‘Radical Project’ For 2022

Hidea Kojima has teased some of his plans for 2022, which might include a “radio project”, some kind of video work, and a “radical project.”

Since Death Stranding’s release in 2019, fans were immediately curious about what Kojima’s next game might be. Death Stranding itself was a mystery for a long time, and Kojima does love to tease what he’s working on. Even if those teases are sometimes incredibly vague. 

Now it seems like Kojima has a few plans in mind for 2022. The Metal Gear Solid creator posted a tweet talking about his plans for the new year. “This year, I’m going to start a new work in earnest, and move to the next level of experimentation with a radical project,” Kojima wrote.

Of course, in typical Kojima fashion there was no indication as to what this project might be. In September last year he said that he wanted to make a game that “changes in real-time.” So it’s possible that these are the same project. Whatever it might be, there’s a chance that Norman Reedus might be involved too.

The game director also noted that he was hoping to “get the video team going.” In November last year, Kojima Productions launched a film, television, and music division in Los Angeles. So it’s likely the video team has something to do with the new division.

Kojima also wrote in the tweet that “may start doing something like a radio project,” but again no specific details were provided. The tweet was also accompanied by some art from Shoji Shinkawa, the character designer of the Metal Gear Solid series.

Whatever Kojima has planned for 2022, it’s sure to confuse all of us in some shape or form. And we can probably safely bet that his friend Geoff Keighley will be the one to reveal it.

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Featured Image Credit: Kojima Productions