Here’s What Horizon Zero Dawn Would Look Like As A PS1 Game

Horizon Zero Dawn is obviously a graphically impressive game, but it looks even better as a PS1 era game.

These days, the biggest games opt for realism above all else. Which is nice and all, but there’s something about PS1 games that just have such incredible vibes. And some of them provided some incredibly memorable experiences (so you should check out what the best ones are).

And now, YouTuber ZeoNyph is helping us travel back in time, giving us a taste of what Horizon Zero Dawn might look like if it was a PS1 game. The video is only a short one, as you can see below. But it comes complete with that classic original PlayStation boot up screen.

YouTube video

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Half of the video is technically just about booting up the game, but when it does get there it does look great. Kind of, anyway, as for “added authenticity,” the game was rendered in a 320×240 resolution. There’s even that classic Silent Hill-esque fog to cover up the rendering distance.

ZeoNyph said in the description that everything was modelled, textured, and rendered in Blender, a 3D modelling software. So unfortunately, this particular PS1 demake won’t be playable. But it certainly is fun to imagine a world where Horizon Zero Dawn did come out on the PS1. 

Of course, these days PS1 demakes are proving to be quite popular. This Elden Ring demake in particular looks great, but unfortunately also isn’t playable. Maybe one day. 

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Featured Image Credit: Guerilla Games