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Man Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison Over Pokemon Card Related Fraud

A man is being sent to prison allegedly lying to apply for a Covid disaster loan, and then using that money to buy a Pokemon card.

Over the last few years, particularly since Covid started, people have been going a bit wild over Pokemon cards. Last year, a Charizard card sold for over $300,000, and YouTuber Logan Paul also dropped $150,000 on a Charizard card in 2020.

Safe to say, people are willing to fork out for nostalgia. But last year, a Georgia man went the extra mile to purchase a Pokemon card using Covid relief funds. Now, he faces three years in prison, as well as having to make a payment of $85,000 (£64,800) in restitution. 

stock photo pokemon cards

The story goes that the man, Vinath Oudomsine, applied for an $85,000 Covid relief loan, which he received on August 4, 2021. But Oudomsine used just under $58,000 of that money to buy a single Pokémon card. At the time it was not clear which card he purchased, but Polygon notes that it is likely a, once again, Charizard card with a 9.5 gem mint rating. People just love that fire breathing lizard.

Not only does Oudomsine have to serve his three year sentence as well as paying the loan back, he has also been charged a $10,000 fine. And Oudomsine has also agreed to turn the Charizard card over to the prosecutors.

Being sent to prison for purchasing a Pokémon card sounds like possibly something of an overreaction. But when it comes to government money, sometimes taking a risk isn’t worth it.


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