Marvel And Insomniac Have Set The World Record For Most Spider-Man Cosplayers

Insomniac Games and Marvel’s Spider-Man has quickly sky-rocketed to success after receiving high praise from players, critics and even other devs.

The PlayStation exclusive has already beaten God of War‘s first week of sales and has become the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive of all time.

But it looks like Insomniac and Marvel aren’t just breaking Spider-Man records in the world of gaming, but also in the world of cosplaying.

By gathering together 547 people dressed as Spider-Man at Stockholm Comic Con 2018, the fans officially broke the Guinness World Record for Most Spider-Mans (Spider-Mens?) in one place.

The accolade was tweeted by Marvel staff member @CBCebulskiand the tweet was quickly retweeted by Insomniac Games.

It’s a pretty iconic image so we’re not surprised it’s going viral.

The highly-anticipated title hasn’t disappointed its fans, nabbing itself near-perfect scores across the board and wowing pretty much everyone who’s gotten their hands on it. 

The visually-stunning game has a strong emphasis on the fluidity of movement, creating a New York City that’s fun to web-sling around thanks to the attention to detail and clear dedication of the superheroes at Insomniac Games. 

The teams behind Spider-Man cut no corners when it came to promoting the game, with a Spidey-themed subway train running through New York City, a limited edition Spider-Man PlayStation Pro console and now the Guinness World Record breaking Spider-party.

Spider-Man doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon and – really – who isn’t happy about that?!

We’ve recently seen the release of the final part of the rebooted Tomb Raider series – Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to knock Spider-Man from the top weekly sales.

According to Eurogamer, Shadow of the Tomb Raider sold less copies last week than Spider-Man – despite Spider-Man releasing a couple of weeks ago.

Sorry, Lara!

Have you played Spider-Man or Shadow of the Tomb Raider? How do they compare?