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Rumour Says Battlefield 6 Will Take Place During World War 3

If recent rumours are to be believed the upcoming Battlefield 6 will be themed around World War 3.

Ever since Electronic Arts confirmed that Battlefield 6 will release next year and gave us a taste at the stunning visuals that we can expect, rumours have been running rampant on the internet.

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Some of the rumours suggest the multiplayer will support at least 128 players and back in June an “insider” claimed that Battlefield 6 would be set in the present day.

However the latest rumours certainly seem to back up previous claims of a modern day setting, or at least being set in the not-too-distant future.

The previous two Battlefield games have been set during the first two World Wars and I – like many others – felt that much of its multiplayer had lost the magic of previous games in the series.

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The last Battlefield game that I enjoyed was Battlefield 3 in 2011. However nothing in my personal opinion comes close to the Bad Company spin-off series.

If the recent claims are true and Battlefield 6 is to have a present day (ish) setting with World War 3, could we see that lost magic return?

The recent rumours were posted by Reddit user William Fichtner who claims that the story of Battlefield 6 will tell the tale of a NATO vs. Russia conflict in World War 3.

The Reddit user also claims that “War Stories” from the previous two games in the series will return as the main campaign mode, and will tell the story of several different perspectives from soldiers.

Image from battlefield 5
Credit: EA/DICE

The War Stories in Battlefield 6 is said to “track several soldiers from different countries as the war rages in every corner of the world.”

Details of the story continue: “One will feature a US Army squad fending off a Russian attack in the suburbs of America,” they explain. “Another war story will feature a MI6 agent embedded in a rebel group in Eastern Europe, with the objective of stopping a Russian advance into NATO territory.

Previous rumours of 128 players battling it out in multiplayer are also backed-up by the Reddit post claiming that Battlefield 6 will have 64 vs. 64 multiplayer modes including Team Deathmatch, Domination, Conquest, Breakthrough and Grand Operations.

YouTube video

Apparently the scale of the already large Grand Operations will now take place over the course of five days in Battlefield 6 over three large-scale maps. 

Locations in the Grand Operations maps are said to feature a European city, American suburbs and a Russian forest.

As always it is important to take all rumours with a pinch of salt until details are officially confirmed. However the rumours of Battlefield 6 are beginning to sound quite promising indeed.

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Featured Image Credit: DICE/EA