Some Mario Products Being ‘Retired’ By LEGO

LEGO has marked several Super Mario sets for retirement on it’s UK website. If you want to snap them up, your time is limited!

The LEGO Super Mario wave 1 sets were released last year. The Super Mario sets had an interactive, chunky design which fans loved. We actually reviewed the Luigi set back in August as well as interviewing the designer Benjamin Ma. LEGO Super Mario sets allow players to build levels and then use Mario (or Luigi, who was released this year) to collect coins.

Credit: LEGO

The first wave of releases included a range of levels and characters – from Bowser to King Boo’s Haunted Yard.

Which Super Mario sets are retiring?

Video Games Chronicle reported that the sets that are being retired include:

  • The Boomer Bill Barrage Expansion Set
  • The Builder Mario Power-Up Pack
  • The Whomp’s Lava Trouble Expansion Set

There is also a range of new releases out, including Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set and the Bee Mario Power-Up Pack. 

In its annual financial report, LEGO explained that the Super Mario product launch was one of its most successful ever:

“In 2020, we launched LEGO® Super Mario™, which features embedded technology to inspire new ways to play. It was one of our most successful product launches.”

At the same time as retiring several of the first wave of sets, LEGO has also teased a new set as ‘coming soon’. The Super Mario 64™ Question Mark Block looks pretty awesome – featuring fold out mini-levels with brick versions of Mario and Princess Peach. You can grab the Question Mark set for a whopping £159.99 and will be out on 1 October.


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Featured Image Credit: LEGO