Sony provided 150 staff to help The Callisto Protocol development

Sony had provided over 150 members of staff to help Striking Distance Studios with the development of The Callisto Protocol.

As reported by Push Square, a post on Resetera revealed that over 150 members of staff were provided by Sony’s Visual Arts Services Group and Malaysian team. This probably explains why PlayStation has featured so heavily in The Callisto Protocol marketing.

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The Callisto Protocol gameplay has leaked!

The Callisto Protocol officially launches tomorrow and it’s one of the most highly anticipated sci-fi horrors in years. Naturally many fans will want to go into this game knowing as little as possible. However, with that in mind, around two hours of gameplay has leaked and spoilers are now in the wild.

What’s more, being only a day away from its launch, spoilers will intensify across social media, so be vigilant. Furthermore, prior to its launch fans were concerned that some death animations were being locked behind a paywall.

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Credit: Striking Distance Studios

While that may be true to an extent, animations are tied to the game’s season pass, but there’s a good reason. Thankfully, Striking Distance Studios CEO and creator of the Dead Space series, Glen Schofield was quick to address concerns as well as explain the post-launch content.

The Callisto Protocol is banned in Japan

Fans are expecting The Callisto Protocol to be as brutal as it is gory. As a result, due to Striking Distance Studios refusing to censor the game, it was consequently banned in Japan. The developers felt that censoring the game would negatively impact its integrity.

the callisto protocol
Credit: Striking Distance Studios

Are you looking forward to this sci-fi horror?

Finally, are you looking forward to this sci-fi horror, considered to be a spiritual successor to Dead Space? Let us know across our social media channels.

The Callisto Protocol releases tomorrow for PC, PlayStation as well as Xbox.

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Featured Image Credit: Striking Distance Studios/Source: Push Square via Resetera