The Callisto Protocol – two hours of gameplay have leaked

The Callisto Protocol has had two hours of gameplay leaked ahead of its highly anticipated launch later this week.

Gameplay leaking ahead of a big launch is nothing new as excited fans have to regularly tiptoe around internet spoilers making the rounds. Furthermore, just like avoiding a gory in-game death, fans will be avoiding The Callisto Protocol leaks at all cost.

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We have no spoilers here!

As reported by VGC, some fans who have gotten hold of copies early have shared gameplay on the internet. I won’t share any footage here, because we wouldn’t want to spoil anything for you. I haven’t watched and won’t watch the leaked footage, so we have no information in that respect to share.

What’s more, the VGC article that is the source of information for this news features three of the leaked gameplay videos. So, you might want to be cautious before clicking on the source link at the bottom of this article. As an additional heads-up, leaks have spread across various popular social media channels.

the callisto protocol
Credit: Striking Distance Studios/Krafton

The Callisto Protocol avoided controversy

In related news, The Callisto Protocol found itself muddled in some apparent controversy. A season pass listing mentioned that it will feature new death animations.

Many fans were concerned that Striking Distance Studios were holding some grizzly death animations behind a paywall. Thankfully, however, that has not quite proved to be the case.

the callisto protocol
Credit: Striking Distance Studios/Krafton

Glen Schofield, the Striking Distance CEO, and director of The Callisto Protocol as well as the co-creator of the Dead Space series, quickly addressed those concerns. Speaking of grizzly deaths, The Callisto Protocol has been banned in Japan for being too brutal!

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The Callisto Protocol will be released on December 2nd, 2022 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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YouTube video

Featured Image Credit: Striking Distance Studios/Source: VGC