Spider-Man on PC enjoys a strong launch but falls behind God of War

Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC has enjoyed a very strong launch; however, it falls short behind the mighty God of War.

The friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man swooped on to PC last week, making it the latest PlayStation exclusive being ported to the platform. Unfortunately, despite its early success, it failed to topple God of War (2018). Well, at least for the time being.

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God of War wins this fight

At the time of writing, according to SteamDB, Marvel’s Spider-Man currently has an all-time peak of 66,436 players on Steam. Whereas God of War (2018) has a peak of 73,529 players.

To compare notes furthermore for other PlayStation ports, in third place, Horizon Zero Dawn has a player peak of 56,557 players. However, Aloy is followed by Days Gone with 27,450 players.

Will Spider-Man win the war?

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Credit: Santa Monica Studio

God of War (2018) was released for PC this year on January 14th. So it will be interesting to see the player numbers for Marvel’s Spider-Man around six months from now.

We reviewed God of War and Spider-Man on PC

In our review of God of War (2018), we said: “God of War is a narrative gem. What it lacks in pacing and agency, it more than triumphs in writing, acting, and directing. What it results in is a deeply emotive story about a familial relationship and the ties that bind us.

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In our review of Marvel’s Spider-Man, we said: “the game overall looks beautiful, a lot better than it did on PS4, and even PS5 in some regards. It’s easy to forget that PC ports can be difficult to get right, and this game was never originally designed for this platform. 

It’s important for Sony to release more of its titles here, so more people who don’t own a PlayStation console can get the chance to play it.

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Featured Image Credit: Insomniac Games/Source: VGC via SteamDB