The Switch Lite says, no!

Switch Sports Will Not Work On The Nintendo Switch Lite

The recently announced Switch Sports will not work on the Nintendo Switch Lite, which should come as little surprise.

Announced during the recent Nintendo Direct event, the reveal of Switch Sports was perhaps one of the highlights of the show. Not that it had a really high bar to beat. In my opinion. Nonetheless, there will no doubt be a legion of happy Wii Sports fans happy with its announcement.

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However, there’s something worth keeping in mind should you decide to buy Switch Sports, it won’t work with the Nintendo Switch Lite. When we think about it, it’s obvious why it won’t work. But it’s worth telling a few people about, just to save some disappointment and hopefully, money.


Just like previous games that launched for the Wii and Wii U, Switch Ports requires motion controls to play. To be more exact, it requires detachable Joy-Cons. The Nintendo Switch Lite has no Joy-Cons. Furthermore, even if you get hold of some Joy-Cons, they still wouldn’t work with the Switch Lite.

It’s a no go for the Lite

The only way you will be able to play Switch Sports is either with the original Nintendo Switch console or the recent OLED model. This means that along with Super Mario Party and 1-2 Switch, Switch Sports is one of the very new Nintendo games that doesn’t work with all Switch consoles.

In related Switch Sports news, this weekend will be the closed beta. Just make sure that you don’t speak about Switch Sports.


Otherwise, Nintendo will be coming for you. So, remember, the first rule of the Switch Sports beta, is that you do not talk about the Switch Sports beta. The second rule is you DO NOT talk about Switch Sports beta!

Are you looking forward to Switch Sports? Let us know across our social media channels. Switch Sports will be released on April 29th.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo