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Battlefield 6 Title, Release Date, Modes & More Allegedly Leaked

Some huge alleged details have leaked for Battlefield 6, including its supposed release date, new modes, and more!

Firstly, I must stress that all the following information is unconfirmed and some of it treads on old ground in relation to previous rumours. As always, all unconfirmed rumours must be taken with a pinch of salt.

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Credit: EA/DICE

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the alleged leaked details for Battlefield 6.


The news of the alleged leaks was brought to our attention by Gaming Intel, who picked up on a series of tweets that claimed to have leaked information related to the upcoming Battlefield 6.

Title, Reveal and Release Date

In a Twitter thread from the account The_Kolibrl1, it is claimed that Battlefield 6 will be revealed sometime between May 11th and June 21th. The reveal will allegedly include a teaser and reveal trailer, as well as a launch date. If true, this will also back up previous claims made by an industry insider.

It is also believed that Battlefield 6 won’t be called “Battlefield 6,” as it will apparently be simply called, Battlefield.


In the third of a series of tweets, there appears to be some Morse code which apparently reveals the release date of October 25th for the new Battlefield.

BF 5 vs. BF 6

Image from battlefield 5
Credit: EA/DICE

The_Kolibrl1 also claims that Battlefield 6 “is the biggest project DICE has ever worked on” and that it has been in development for five years.  

DICE apparently began development on this Battlefield game in 2017, and it was apparently supposed to release in 2018.


However, it is said that this Battlefield game got put on the backburner as EA and DICE switched focus to Battlefield 5, which instead ended up being the 2018 release.

The leaker also claims that the sudden focus on Battlefield 5 is why the game launched in a pretty poor state, and to be fair, that kinda makes sense if true.

Back in early March, it was reported that EA had delayed the release of the next Need for Speed from 2021 into 2022. The reason being was so that the developers at Criterion Games, who were working on the highly anticipated racer, could instead help DICE develop this year’s Battlefield.


Well, the leaker has provided further alleged information on the role that Criterion will have on this year’s Battlefield. It is claimed that while DICE will be focusing on the main game, Criterion will help develop the various game modes, while a third team (DICE LA) will work on DLC.

In other previous reports, we heard that Battlefield 6 will feature fully-destructible cities.

According to the new leak, the destruction in the game will be on a scale that we’ve “never seen before in any other game.” It’s said to be inspired by the destruction mechanics of the Battlefield: Bad Company series.


The Battlefield news keeps on rolling and we’ve got some more apparent info on the modes that will feature in the game (via Gaming Intel once more).

Battle Royale, 128 Players and Maps

battlefield 5
Credit: EA/DICE

A Reddit user by the name of bf6leaker (that’s an on the nose username) has claimed to have an insider that has leaked information on the new Battlefield.  

Again, some of the following information is treading on old ground, while some of it is new and quite interesting. This alleged info must still be taken with a pinch of salt.


The Reddit user claims that their source has confirmed the existence of a Battle Royale mode in the new Battlefield (as already speculated back in January), and that it’s capable of featuring 128 players.

As already stated, the destruction of this year’s Battlefield is said to be inspired by the Bad Company series, but it will also be on a “large-scale,” which involves being able to take down buildings.

The leaker on Reddit also claimed to know of three returning maps, including Wake Island, which was first introduced in Battlefield 5, and Metro, which is an underground subway map from Battlefield 4. The final map being mentioned is “Locker,” which I assume is Operation Locker also from Battlefield 4.


Battlefield hub

Battlefield image
Credit: EA/DICE

However, the biggest news that comes from the alleged leaked information is the introduction of a Battlefield hub.

We’ve already seen this to some level in recent Call of Duty titles, where you’re able to select different versions of multiplayer and/or Warzone in recent releases.  For example, you can access the Modern Warfare (2019) multiplayer in Black Ops Cold War and vice-versa.

Apparently, when Battlefield releases this year, it will bring its own hub granting you easy access to various games from the series. In my opinion, it sounds a lot like how Halo: The Master Chief Collection works, only without the games being remastered.


According to the leaker on Reddit, you’ll not only be able to access the new Battlefield through the hub but also perhaps other games from the series including the likes of Battlefield: 1942 and Battlefield 3.

The leaker also claims that you might be able to mix-and-match various elements from a variety of Battlefield games, such as being able to cross-over weapons and vehicles, as well as some core gameplay mechanics. 

For example, not being able to sprint in Battlefield: 1942 or not being able to prone with the Bad Company settings. Though I’m not sure if that would work all that well.

Fact or Fiction?

As you might expect, many Battlefield fans have questioned the leaked information, and rightly so, because we should never take everything at face value, especially when it comes to apparent leaks from alleged sources.

The Reddit leaker by the name of bf6leaker said in an updated post that they understand the scepticism and while they have no way to “publically prove” the information, they did reach out to DANNYonPC to perhaps give the information validation.

DANNYonPC has a YouTube channel and Twitter account that has provided some reliable leaks in the past, so it will be interesting to see if this information is corroborated.

In the same Reddit post, the leaker shared a link to a tweet from Okami13_ who is also a provider of Battlefield news and leaks.

After first sharing the Reddit post, Okami13_ went on to claim that the information is fake. Check it out in the tweet below.

Thankfully we shouldn’t have long to find out. It’s likely that EA and DICE will officially announce the new Battlefield game before the end of spring.

What’s your opinion on these Battlefield 6 leaks? Are you looking forward to its release? Let us know across our social media channels!

Featured Image Credit: EA/DICE