Best Crafting Games Where You Start With Literally Nothing

Crafting games can often be some of the most engaging types of games in the world. You start with nothing and then slowly start building your way to success.

It can often take a long time to get the resources you need to get the better items or materials in the game, but it’s this constant pursuit of something new that keeps the game interesting.

Throw in other players or AI threats into the mix and you have the grounds for an amazing game. Here’s a look at the best crafting games currently available


Rust is without a doubt one of the best crafting/survival games currently available on Steam. It’s now filled with content so there’s never been a better time to jump in on the action.

For those unfamiliar with Rust, here’s how it works:

You start literally butt-naked with nothing on you but a rock. You can use that rock to go and collect stones and wood. With those few beginning resources, you can quickly transition from a rock-wielding naked person to a person with a bow, arrow, a spear, and enough materials to build a small shack.

Things then get even more interesting at this point. You can continue to collect resources by smelting materials from rocks, collecting hide off of animals, and looting barrels scattered around the world.

Before you know it, you’ll be the king of your own castle – it’ll be made from strong, sturdy metal and will be guarded by automated turrets. You’ll also have a variety of firearms to take down other players with.

Then, out of nowhere, you’ll get attacked by an even bigger team on the server and you’ll have to start from scratch as you clutch dearly onto your rock.

It’s this constant fight for server superiority that makes Rust a very PVP-centric crafting game. It won’t be for everyone, but if you can find a team of players to get online with, you may prefer it to any other option on this list.

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Minecraft is the classic go-to option for anybody unfamiliar with the crafting/survival genre. It’s also a great game for first time gamers because of its accessibility.

In Minecraft, you start with relatively little and must collect resources to survive the cold nights against dangerous mobs.

Unlike in Rust, typically the longer you play Minecraft, the more powerful you’ll become and the easier it’ll be to survive. Minecraft is also mostly played cooperatively with friends.

There are online servers, too, but finding open PVP survival servers like Rust is hard. Instead, Minecraft is more of a sandbox crafting game that gives you the freedom to build safely at your own pace.


Factorio is miles apart from the other crafting games on this list and that’s what makes it so special.

In Factorio, you must harvest resources to start building your own machines that can then automate the process of harvesting resources to help you build even more efficient machines.

To begin with, you’ll be manually chopping down trees, mining ores and creating machinery by hand. However, things quite quickly progress. Before you know it, you’ll be running your own factory that collects all of the resources it needs to maintain itself and expand. You’ll then have to focus on keeping your factory safe from fauna and other players.

Be warned: Factorio ends up being this endless cycle that’s far too easy to get addicted to.

Don’t Starve

As the name suggests, Don’t Starve is all about keeping yourself from dying of hunger and other ailments whilst out in the wilderness.

You start with absolutely nothing in Don’t Starve and must work hard to learn about the land, learn how to craft items, hunt animals, and stay alive. Don’t Starve is a single player experience, but the multiplayer version Don’t Starve Together allows you to play cooperatively with a friend.

The survival mechanics are great and we give big props to the 2.5D graphics style.


Terraria is another open world survival game that’s best explained to new players as a 2D Minecraft.

You are once again thrown into the world with nothing but your bare hands. You must learn to live off of the land to collect resources, build yourself a home and create useful items and utilities that can help you progress further.

As you get more powerful in Terraria, you’ll quickly find that much of the game is about hunting down and defeating ever increasingly difficult enemies and bosses. You can either do that alone or with friends online.

In some ways, you can ‘complete’ Terraria. This is something that’s not possible in most of the other games on this list. To do that, you must fight your way through the different bosses and then kill the Moon Lord boss.

7 Days To Die

7 Days To Die is a slightly grittier sandbox survival game with voxel graphics and a very neat survival concept. As each day passes, the enemies in 7 Days To Die get increasingly more challenging to kill. In total, there are 50 different zombie types that’ll be seen as you survive for longer.

This means you’re constantly forced to play against the clock to build better defenses and craft better equipment to use against the oncoming waves of zombie creatures that’ll attack you at night time.

You can’t just hide inside and wait for the sun to rise, either. Zombies will proactively go out of their way to smash down walls and doors to get at you, no matter where you are.

Players have to be very creative to be able to fight against varying levels of zombies as the days progress. There is also support for online multiplayer, which could potentially make things even more challenging.

Out of all of the crafting games on this list, we think 7 Days To Die is one of the most under rated. Many players don’t get to experience the true challenge of the game because it’s not found until you manage to survive for longer periods of time.

Crafting Games Summary

What are your thoughts on these crafting games? Do any of these games stand out to you?

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